Whether you are celebrating a decade of marriage or a century of trading, marking the occasion with an anniversary firework display will ensure your guests go home with lasting memories. Ask us about reproducing your names or company logo in specialist fireworks or launching from the roof of a special building!

We make organising a fireworks display easy, we will check out your venue and take care of any paperwork or permissions that are required.

We have a selection of anniversary fireworks packages starting at just £795 or you can contact us to discuss designing a bespoke display that suits your budget and includes your ideas and display upgrades.

On the day we will arrive early to setup your fireworks display ready to fire when you tell us, after the fireworks our team will tidy up the area.

Here is an example of one of our brilliant pyromusical displays:


We can design a display to suit your exact requirements and budget, from a surprise or low noise show to a unique display choreographed to music, your wish is our command!

DISPLAY packages

Crystal £795

Pearl £1495

Diamond £2995


One Track £1695

Two Tracks £2000

read 5 things to consider

We have written short article to help you get the most out of your anniversary fireworks display


Ultimate Finale £249

Big Red Button £49

Initials and Heart £199

Love Heart Rockets £99

Fairy Light Viewing Area £99

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We can capture your magical anniversary fireworks display in incredible 4K quality and edit the footage into video so you can re-live the magic over and over! Find out more

the power pack £500

On a really tight budget? We have developed a unique professional fireworks display click here for more information!


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Our entry level anniversary fireworks package lasting 6 minutes fired from a single firing point starting at £795.00

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Fantastic anniversary fireworks package will leave your guests speechless, three firing sites lasting 8 minutes for £1495.00

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Our premium anniversary fireworks package, exquisite from start to finish filling the sky with magic for 10 minutes at £2995.00

does my
venue allow

It's important to find out if your site or venue allows fireworks, most do but some may have restrictions. In some cases the venue may have a preferred supplier, they may also specify that the fireworks are over by a certain time or that only 'low noise' fireworks can be used


Ask your venue where the fireworks are usually let off from and think about where your guests will stand to watch. Very few venues will allow you to set off your own fireworks because of the insurance liability. Illusion Fireworks Ltd have at £10m the highest level of insurance required by most venues.

how much
should we spend
on fireworks?

We are most often asked how much it will cost to provide a fireworks display, if we were to quote £500 for a traditional showcase when in fact you had in mind a budget of £10,000 for a multiple site masterpiece then you would be unlikely to book! This is why we always ask how big your budget for fireworks is.

All of our displays are tailored to suit your budget, realistically an anniversary fireworks display should cost between £795 and £2995 but we can provide a package display for as little as £500! A great start would be our Crystal, Pearl or Diamond packages and  firework display upgrades.

can we have
fireworks to

Fireworks choreographed to music or 'Pyromusical' will provide you and your guests with an unforgettable memory. Fireworks visually reinforce the powerful emotions experienced while listening to music. The two arts come together to create a unique and evocative spectacle that can make grown men cry!

We can design a display choreographed to a piece of music that is sentimental or pertinent, a favourite track or even your old wedding song for as little as £1695 (including our PA sound system for up to 300 guests). Its best to have a dedicated PA between the audience and the fireworks

can you include
our colour scheme?

Another common question we are asked! Of course we can, usually we kick things off in the relevant colours and include them in the finale using colour comets below bigger bursts, you can even have our famous firework rainbow or love heart shells which are always a winner with the audience

There are a number of upgrade options that allow you to tailor your anniversary fireworks display, for example the popular 'Ultimate Finale' for a classy finish or the 'Big Red Button' to start the show!

We are always open to your ideas and love making your dreams a reality!


Because you have enough on your plate we like to keep things simple. Once you have chosen a display and how much you would like to spend (we are always on hand to help you make a decision) we simply ask you to fill out a booking form and choose the most convenient deposit / payment option.

We handle the rest, we will speak top the venue, carry out a site survey and design the show. A team of trained firers will set up the fireworks on the day, fire the show when you are ready and tidy up after! It's as easy as that and fireworks are by far the most memorable way to make a statement!

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