fireworks and music combine giving life to a truly unforgettable experience

Pyromusical (fireworks choreographed to music) fireworks displays have never been more popular, pyrotechnics dramatically enhance the emotions conveyed in a piece of music, particularly when the chosen track has sentimental value.

We are specialists in producing firework displays to music, every breath taking pyromusical is individually designed from scratch making sure the display we produce for you is unique, like no other. 

Our shows are controlled from a state of the art 'firing computer' that allows us to hit precise points in the music with precision, this system also allows impressively fast comet and star chases across the display and from many locations at once.

Pyromusical firework display are more complex to produce so the costs are a little higher, please don not be put off since a 4 minute fireworks display to music can be far more unforgettable and entertaining than a 10 minute traditional display.

We are winners of the British Musical Fireworks Championships and have a reputation for delivering mind blowing and emotional pyromusical displays with a 'Unique Style, Rhythm & Scale' across the UK and Europe

British Muscal Firework Champions
British Firework Champions
read choosing a pyromusical

We have written short guide to help you choose the right music and get a dream pyromusical within your budget!


We can design a display to suit your exact requirements and budget, from a surprise or low noise show to a unique display choreographed to music, your wish is our command! We will discuss your music choices, share ideas, design the display, take care of the paperwork then amaze you and your guests!


One Track £1695 including PA sound system for up to 300 people, firing team, show design and fireworks.


Two Tracks £2000

We recommend a minimum budget of

£500 per track thereafter.


Ultimate Finale £249

Big Red Button £49

Initials and Heart £199

Love Heart Rockets £99

Fairy Light Viewing Area £99

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We can capture your magical anniversary fireworks display in incredible 4K quality and edit the footage into video so you can re-live the magic over and over! Find out more


Quality sound is key and our PA sound system is available for audiences up to 300 people and included in the show price, we can provide a scale of quality sound systems for all events £POA


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choose a song that means something

If the firework show is for a wedding, anniversary or birthday party we recommend choosing a track that means something to whoever the display is for. IN the case of a wedding it could be the first dance song or a track that was playing when you first kissed! Whatever the occasion, make it personal for an evocative and emotional experience.

For corporate or public events we can guide you and provide examples to help in choosing the best most poignant tracks as a foundation for the display

choose a familiar piece of music

Whilst it important to choose a song with personal meaning, you should also avoid anything too obscure or even cliche! Popular music works best with fireworks but we have worked with everything from classical through to epic movie soundtracks and live rock! The atmosphere at your event is greatly enhanced when your audience joins in with dancing 

Music taste varies and you cannot please everybody, for multiple song displays consider a mix of genres to reach all of your audiences musical appetites.

mind your p's & q's family friendly is best

Many songs contain swear words and offensive language, for public events and celebrations where children may be present it is best to avoid those lyrics by either choosing a radio edit or

an alternative track altogether.

We have designed shows to some very interesting choices of music in the past!

Our show designer is a talented music editor and using specialist software we can create clever edits to produce a unique soundtrack or mix.

variety and tempo, peaks & troughs!

Its important to choose a tracks with changes in tempo, the best pyromusical are a combination of mood and flow, lows leading to highs, slow leading to fast. This compliments and allows us to use a wider variety of fireworks and effects in the display leading to a far more impressive performance.

Its also important to use tracks that are high quality, we can help you source CD quality or

WAV files for use in the display.

its all about the finale and a punchy end

Often a hang up, there are plenty of songs that would be ideal for a pyromusical but they just seem to softly fade away at the end (which is fine for using earlier in a multi track musical) but we need something that builds up to a crescendo and complements all of those huge eruptions of fireworks in the finale!

Perhaps the gentle finish is exactly what you want and we have achieved emotional and thoughtful finales using layers of specialist effects before.

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music is our first love

We have a reputation for producing pyromusical firework displays choreographed to music like no other!

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we are number one

Illusion Fireworks Ltd winners of the British Musical Firework Championships and British Firework Championships

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Our team of firers are the most passionate and dedicated in the business and are proven to exceed your expectations every time!