QUIET FIREWORKS for noise sensitive events and venues

Lower noise firework displays are becoming increasingly popular at noise sensitive venues and events around the UK, particularly for wedding clients who can now have a spectacular and exciting fireworks display at venues which previously did not entertain fireworks due to noise complaints.

We also work closely with infant schools and retirement homes who request low noise displays and also our large public bonfire display clients who put on children's displays before the main show!

Whilst this type of display is significantly quieter (around 75% less noise) it is important to understand there is no such thing as silent fireworks, 'low noise' is NOT 'no noise'!

What we lack in noise we make up for in visual impression, low noise firework displays are far from disappointing, all of our low noise clients have been super impressed and Environmental Health officers recognise these displays are great for areas that require a sensitive approach to noise.

We can design bespoke Low Noise showcases from £999 and low noise displays choreographed to music from £1695!


We can make recommendations and design a display to suit your exact requirements and budget. We go to great lengths to make sure that your event is truly spectacular - that's why each and every display we fire is completely bespoke and unique to you.


Bespoke Low Noise Showcase from £999

Choreographed to Music from £1695


Ultimate Finale £249

Big Red Button £49

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We can capture your fireworks display in incredible 4K quality and edit the footage into video for your promotional and marketing use! Find out more

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Our professional fireworks displays are covered by an extremely comprehensive £10m insurance policy.

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safety first

Illusion Fireworks Ltd has an accident free record, our displays are carried out safely, legally and responsibly.

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Our team of display operators are trained to exacting standards as required by our membership in the British Pyrotechnists Association