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August 19, 2018

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British Firework Champions - What it means to me...

British Firework Champions 2018 and what it means to me.


To be a pyrotechnician isn't necessarily glamorous well paid or easy. It can be cold wet dirty, 

tiring and stressful at times. So why do so many of us choose to do it? I'm sure its different for everybody...


Its been said many times that the smell produced from fireworks (sulfur) gets in to the 

blood, that once you've smelled it your hooked, and in a way its true. I have honestly lost count 

of the amount of times I have heard a fellow crewman say they love the smell, it's the smell that 

we all associate with fireworks and happy times. 


As a team we all have individual tasks while setting up a display and will remember certain items we rigged or maybe set to a specific angle or maybe just remember wondering what will that look like we its ignited, all these things contribute to the pleasure while watching, knowing you have done your part and the relief you didn't do it backwards!


If the show has been well designed and thought out it should capture the audience and spark something in everyone, it's that spark of emotion that builds up to the finale when the crowd can hold it no more and erupts in cheers and applause. That day the whole team worked tirelessly and it paid off, the crowd literally went wild the boats all sounded their horns and we all congratulated ourselves on a successful display.


And there it is that moment all the hard work pays off, the moment your work has an effect on so many people at one time. The feeling that the time and effort was worth it and to be able to share it with like minded people.


This was the proudest moment in my Pyro career, being part of the team that won the title British Firework Champions of 2018



I may not remember the display but the crowds reaction will stay with me for a long time.

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