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Traditional Wedding Firework Displays

Our non-musical professional firework displays are created by British Firework Champions! A firework display at your wedding is in our opinion the only way to end your big day, nothing comes close to telling the world you are celebrating than showing off with an unforgettable and spectacular wedding fireworks display.


Choose one of our fantastic pre-designed wedding fireworks display packages or with our specialist firework show services we can design a bespoke display unique to your wedding!

Wedding Fireworks Packages

Wedding  Fireworks Display Packages

Our award winning designers have created three exquisite wedding firework display packages that will leave your guests speechless!




Our designers have produced a breathtaking display that guarantees to wow your guests without breaking the bank. Especially suitable for smaller venues and initmate audiences.

Lasting 6 minutes, over 700 shots, single site.

Beginning with a single sweep of comets up top a volley of shimmering shells the show features an exciting variety of effects and colours before a finale of golden rain fills the entire sky!




Our most popular wedding fireworks package, perfect for any wedding, an impressive variety of effects and firing patterns that will fill the sky with magic!

Lasting 8 minutes, over 1100 shots, single site.

Kicking off with a splay of thick glitter comets up to shimmering willows, the display showcases quality effects and complementary colour sequences before a jaw dropping barrage of glittering shells!

Webber Wedding.jpg



The ultimate traditional wedding fireworks display. This showcase will be the highlight of the wedding, sublime show design followed by an extraordinary sparkling finale!

Lasting 10 mins, over 2400 shots, 3 sites.

Bursting into life with enormous sparkling mines and volleys of Italian sparkle palms, each impressive sequence is mirrored in symmetry with layered effects before our famous golden rain finale!

Bespoke Wedding Fireworks

Bespoke Firework Show Services

Our non-musical professional firework displays are designed by British Firework Champions! A firework display at your wedding is in our opinion the only way to end your big day, nothing comes close to telling the world you are celebrating than showing off with an unforgettable and spectacular wedding fireworks display.

Silver Wedding Fireworks


From £175 per min

Fired from a single position the Silver package guarantees to impress your guests without breaking the bank.  Ideal for smaller venues and intimate audiences, the show features quality fireworks that can match your colour scheme. We recommend a duration of 6 minutes leading up to an impressive Silver or Gold glitter finale!

Gold Wedding Fireworks


From £350 per min

Our most popular package, this impressive display is a real step up from the Silver displays. Ideal for most venues, this carefully designed package features some of the best fireworks from around the world. Fired from three sites we recommend a duration of 6 minutes. Building in scale and pace the show culminates in volleys of glitter shells!

Platinum Wedding Fireworks


From £750 per min

The ultimate in non-musical wedding firework displays, if you are going all out for the rest of your big day, why stop short at the fireworks? Suitable for larger venues this display is fired from multiple sites, we recommend a duration of 6 minutes, emblazoning the nigh sky in colour and sparkle leaving your guests speechless!

Wedding Fireworks Cost

Bespoke Pricing

Traditional Pricing_edited.jpg

The price includes a site survey, show design and display team to setup and fire the fireworks. We will tidy up the area and dispose of the casings. We are fully insured and can arrange everything with your venue!

Firework Display Upgrades

Our range of impressive display upgrades provide an opportunity to add even more WOW to your chosen fireworks for wedding display package, pyromusical or bespoke designed show!

Wedding Fireworks Ultimate Finale

Ultimate Finale


We have a reputation for serious firework finale's, its the part of the show that everybody looks forward to and its the bit the everybody remembers! Our packages far from fizzle out but our Ultimate Finale upgrade will blow you away!

Sparklers for Wedding


 From £89

Sparklers are a great way to involve your guests, they also provide amazing photo opportunities and are something to consider at venues that may not be allowed fireworks.

Wedding Fireworks Big Red Button

Big Red Button


The famous Illusion Fireworks Big Red Button is one of a kind, imitations are nothing like the real thing! This heavy duty four foot tall aluminium podium with red glitter giant launch button and colour lights creates unique photo opportunities!

Wedding Fireworks Uprade

Big Sky Burst


These very special fireworks are exclusive to Illusion, one single shell can fill the entire sky with stunning effects that trickle down from the sky almost to the floor. 

Wedding Fireworks Heart Fireworks

Love Hearts


Special red fireworks that burst into heart shapes in the sky! Popular for weddings and anniversaries, these fireworks are unsuitable for Low Noise venues.  Because of their unpredictable nature we always fire them in multiples.

Glitter Wedding Fireworks

Italian Glitter


A trio of the finest quality Italian made golden glitter willows fired in a trident of three that break high in the sky and glitter down almost to the ground.

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