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Gender Reveal

Daylight Colour Smoke Fireworks

We use pink or blue coloured smoke fireworks to create fans and patterns in the sky, no matter if there’s a blue sky or it’s a cloudy day, as the colours are so vivid. We also import a great amount of magnesium coloured fireworks that burn brighter than other fireworks specially for daylight performances along with colour confetti, streamers and spark machines!

Gender Reveal Colour Smoke Fireworks



Following a countdown we will fire an instant hit of Blue or Pink smoke mines and magnesium mines in quick succession leaving no doubt as to the gender of your baby!

The whole reveal lasts for a very dramatic 10 seconds and is suitable for almost all locations and large gardens.

Gender Reveal Party Fireworks



Count down from 10 before a barrage of Pink or Blue colour smoke mines and magnesium comets fire from left and right revealing the gender. This show lasts around 30 seconds and features a pair of our incredible silver cold spark machines as part of the grand reveal for your friends & family!

Gender Reveal Confetti Smoke Display



Suitable only for larger venues this fiesta of Blue or Pink smoke and magnesium comets and mines fired from three positions. Lasting over a minute the show also  features Pink or Blue confetti and streamers and 6 of our incredible silver cold spark machines, this truly is the ultimate gender reveal!

Gender Reveal Party Pyrotechnics

How Does It Work?

We hold a vast stock of Blue and Pink pyrotechnic products so we can prepare a show with as little as 48 hours notice! You can tell us the gender in secret or if the gender reveal will be a surprise for you too you can ask your sonographer to contact us directly.

We will then come on the day of the party and setup the pyrotechnics without giving away your big secret until the right moment!

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