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The Big Blower Wedding!

The Illusion Fireworks team were involved in a huge wedding firework display recently. The display, requiring 15 crew members at the Wychwood Golf Club in Chipping Norton, was in preparation for over a year.

The display was so huge that it made the local papers and was heard up to 14 miles away! It was definitely a momentous occasion for everybody involved.

Samantha Blower, the bride, said "It was an epic display. We stood there blown away and just couldn't believe it was all for us, it even make the local paper. Another memory to print out and go in the wedding/christening album. It was the most amazing set ever....thank you so much to Illusion Fireworks for all the planning, the advice, expertise and especially to the awesome team that came on the day, working tirelessly to get it set up. I cannot speak highly enough of Illusion Fireworks, just incredible".

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The Big Blower Wedding

Karl Mitchell-Shead, MD of Illusion Fireworks, said: “We’re delighted to have created a display for the Blower family, they share the same love and passion for fireworks as us. We really couldn't ask for better customers! Every display we supply is created in-house, designed from scratch and put together by our extremely dedicated team.

He continued: “Firework displays are a vital and memorable addition to a wedding and we absolutely love being there to make the day even better. There really is no better feeling!"

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